Mandorla cd cover

Below are some clips from the Mandorla album released on the F-IRE label. Some more recent live recording of the band is in the video section of the website.

  • 'Mandorla' - Title track featuring Justin's classical guitar on the middle section
  • 'Valentine' - First of 2 settings of poems by Carol Ann Duffy, featuring Fini Bearman on voice
  • 'Amelie Moments' – Soprano feature, inspired by the French film
  • 'JK' – guitar feature inspired by Wayne Krantz
  • 'Sleep On It' - Sop/Trumpet dialogue featuring Tom Arthurs
  • 'Prayer' - Second Carol Ann Duffy poem, additionally featuring Ben Davis on cello

For video clips and a selection of older tracks recorded with other bands please click on the links on the right.

More Audio ...

Below is a selection of older tracks recorded with other bands. Links open in a new window so you can listen while browsing the site.

  • 'La Madrelena Loca' - Soprano solo from Paul Cavaciuti's album 'Francisco's Rhumba'
  • 'Purple Leaf' - Alto solo from MOJO's jazz album of 2005 'Before I Forget': Justin Quinn's Bakehouse on the F-IRE label
  • 'Jyoti' – melody from the Indo-Jazz Fusions album 'Shiva Nataraj – King of Dance'
  • 'Ektal' – melody from 'Shiva Nataraj – King of Dance'
  • 'Underplan' - Free Intro from Tony Bianco's double album 'In a Western Sense'
  • 'Mood Swings' - Alto solo from Loz Speyer's album 'Timezone'